During 2014 and 2015 the Executive Committee has been busy developing the structure for an APMN scholarship program.


The objective of the scholarship program will be to develop the musicianship skills and liturgical knowledge of young parish musicians.


The APMN has received some donations for the purpose of establishing such a program and the committee is preparing to gauge your interest in running some fundraising concerts.













The APMN believes that the encouragement of our young musicians and the formation of their music ministry is critical.  The scholarship program will demonstrate the value we place on our young people and our appreciation for the energy and enthusiasm that they bring to music ministry.


Later in the year, the Australian Pastoral Musicians Network will be offering a range of scholarships for young musicians (aged 18-35) who are actively involved in music ministry in their Parish. Scholarships will range in value from $500 up, as funds allow.


These scholarships could for example fund:

· a set number of instrumental or vocal lessons

· a course on conducting or choral arrangement

· liturgical study.


In the coming months more information regarding selection criteria and the method of application will be provided.


Scholarship Donations


In the meantime, we encourage you to make a donation to the APMN Scholarship Fund to help build up the range of scholarships on offer.


Go to our scholarships donation page now!

APMN Scholarships

Concert Series

APMN comprises clergy and other pastoral leaders, musicians and singers, teachers and educators, parishes and dioceses, composers and publishers, and many other organisations involved in developing pastoral music ministry in the Church. To join simply select the membership type and click on the Pay Now button.


In preparation for the launch of the scholarship program, the APMN is interested to facilitate a series of concerts to showcase some of the wonderful talent that is in our parishes and dioceses.

The concert can be as simple or as spectacular as desired.  All liturgical and religious music is welcome  - ranging from Cathedral choirs, organists, Christian contemporary artists, Praise and worship, Music Ministry bands and so forth.  You might even like to have a number of concerts, featuring the different music styles.


If you would like to be part of the Scholarship concert series:

· Contact the musicians you know in your area to see who would be interested in showcasing their talents while also helping to provide young Catholics develop their music ministry talents.

· If you would like to make contact with other APMN members in your area, contact the APMN Secretary, Steph Unger, and emails will be sent to members in the same area who have expressed interest.

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